YiPPee! was born out of the need for better noodles. With the blending expertise of Aashirvaad atta to create a round noodle block, a choice in masala and a special scientific process that does not allow lumping; We do just that!

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yippee! power up atta noodles

Packed with the power of wheat and yummy goodness of vegetable additions in every strand.

YiPPee! was launched

YiPPee! Launches a new variant - Mood Masala with 2 Masala Mix sachets - the perfect partner for all your Moods, choose your taste every time with YiPPee! Mood Masala

YiPPee! Celebrated it's 1oth Anniversary
with the Launch of Yippee

YiPPee! Saucy Masala
Noodles launched in

Quikmealz Veggie Delight and Chicken Delight- Delicious, convenient and full-filling noodles in a bowl that guarantee better taste in every slurp!

YiPPee! launches Tricolor pasta

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YiPPee! launches
Power Up Atta Noodles

YiPPee! expands
all over India

yippee noodles all over India

YiPPee! launched India’s first Tricolor pasta in Bangalore, we gave the normal pasta a tricolour twist to bring in three times the fun to your evening snack!

YiPPee! enters 600cr club

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yippee! bowled

YiPPee! launches
Mood Masala Noodles