Tricolor Pasta Masala

The desi pasta twist you’ve been waiting for is here!

We gave the normal pasta a tricolor twist to bring in three times the fun to your evening snack! The intriguing blend of Suji and healthy vegetables make it a favourite among all those who taste it. You’ll never leave at just one bite. The buttery smooth taste and the aroma of the same will make you want to scoop it into your mouth!

Easy to prepare and quick to finish, Sunfeast YiPPee! Tricolor Pasta cooks in just under 8 minutes. Get your hands on Tricolor instant pasta today!

  • Made with the Goodness of Suji/ Semolina/Rawa
  • Soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture
  • Triply the fun and flavour with Tricolor Pasta
  • Perfect for a delectable wholesome snack



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